LOMA Society of Greater New York Mentoring Program

Are you thinking about taking LOMA exams but feel a little anxious? Do you have questions about the designations or about LOMA in general? If you are in the Greater New York area, perhaps a mentor can help!

What is the GNY Mentoring Program?

In reality, the mentoring program provides a network where you can meet with those who have taken LOMA exams, and may have had some of the same questions and anxieties as you are currently experiencing. You will be paired with a mentor who can answer any questions you may have and walk you through the examination process. If possible, we will try to pair you with a mentor from your own company who may be able to provide guidelines on your company's reimbursement policies.

At this time, mentoring is not the same as tutoring. We do not currently have tutors who can help you with the content of the exams itself. However, your mentor can provide general information about the exam or can find the answers you're looking for.

What is the time commitment involved with a mentor?

We recommend at least one hour per month to meet with your mentor. However, additional meetings can be set up based on your needs. We also encourage you to attend the general meetings hosted by member companies throughout the year, where you'll have an opportunity to network with other members of the LOMA Society of Greater New York, as well as your peers throughout the insurance industry.

What do I do now?

If you're interested in being paired with a mentor, please fill out this questionnaire. Someone will contact you shortly.

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